Christmas Emergencies

Please note that whilst our office is closed, we will only be contactable in the case of Emergencies.  If you have a repair issue whilst our office is closed, please refer to the steps below:

  • Ensure that you are experiencing a true emergency and that the issue is not just a routine repair that can be reported and resolved once our office reopens in January. 
  • If you determine that the issue is a true emergency, please call 01509 633719 and we will endeavour to get a contractor out to you as soon as possible.
  • Please remember that if a contractor is called out as an emergency when a repair is not justified, you may become liable for the cost.

What we do class as an Emergency?

  • An issue that would put the property into a position of severe disrepair (leak, flood, gas leak, fire, exposed/sparking electrics etc)
  • Any fault where there is an immediate or potential danger to health, or risk to the occupant’s safety.


  • Severe leaks, such as from a water supply pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern;
  • Total loss of heating and/or hot water;
  • Loss of electrical power or light, that is not related to a power cut;
  • Unsafe, broken or missing electrical fittings comprising a dangerous fault that is immediately life threatening (not simply defective);
  • Blocked toilet pan (if only one in your house), soil stack or blocked foul drain;
  • Blocked, damaged or defective flue to an open fire or gas appliance;
  • Broken windows or doors following a break-in.


We would refer you to our Property Repairs Handbook for Residential Tenancies which contains useful information on what to do in an emergency to try and prevent damage, such as switching off electric or water supplies, and how to deal with many common property issues. See link:

Always remember, if you smell gas in your property or suspect a gas leak you should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999, which is available any time of day or night.


We thank you for your co-operation which will help ensure our staff and contactors are also able to enjoy the festive season.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.