30+ years of supporting communities

Whilst fund raising for local charities has always been an integral part of our commitment to supporting the community around us, our approach used to be quite informal.

That was until 2021, when Mather Jamie commemorated its 30-year anniversary.

As a way to celebrate working with our clients and partners to create residential communities and local economic wealth through the provision of quality commercial enterprises we decided to really focus our efforts and set a goal to raise £30,000 in our 30th year.

By the end of that year, we’d actually raised over £55,000 from a variety of unusual events and, since then, we have tried our best to be even more inventive and unusual with our events.

Our charity events have included a Top Gear style challenge (Bangers & Cash) whereby teams were challenged to buy a £500 ‘banger’ and drive to six well known Leicestershire landmarks and finish the day with a series of drag races at Prestwold Airfield.  We had so much fun and raised so much we have repeated this event in 2023.

Members of the Mather Jamie team set out to walk the 100 mile Leicestershire Round Walk and since then we’ve completed the Charnwood Peaks Walk.

These are some of the more unusual events, but we’ve also sponsored a rocket, baked cakes and held curry lunches, cycled the equivalent of the 13 highest peaks in the world and taken part in golf days and It’s a knock out challenges.

When we engage with our clients, especially when we are working with landowners on strategic land planning with development potential, first and foremost, we seek to understand their needs, but almost always there is a mutual desire to create something that will add value to the community.

Of course, as well as building communities, this also involves extending a helping hand to others, and with this in mind we have always tried to raise money for local charities.

The charities we have committed to support are; One Roof LEICESTER, LOROS and Rainbows Children’s Hospice, which is very close to our offices in Loughborough.

All charities have suffered over recent years and we hope that with the support of our clients, partners and employees that we will be able to help them carry on doing the great work they do within their local communities.

Here is a little bit more information about what each charity does to explain why we have chosen to support them.

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The charities we support

  • One Roof Leicester

    One Roof Leicester has set out on a mission is to transform the lives of people affected by homelessness. Their aim is to provide accommodation and support, mobilise local communities to help provide sustainable housing, campaign to improve services, raise awareness, and promote understanding.

    One Roof Leicester is developing and delivering projects that help ensure that all people at risk of, experiencing or previously homeless are provided with sustainable housing, are given an opportunity to share their experiences and are provided with ongoing relevant advice, information and support.

    Donations enable projects that provide essential support and accommodation to help people who are homeless, destitute refugees and refused asylum seekers. We want to give people a home and feel part of the community they live in.

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  • Loros Hospice

    LOROS Hospice is a local charity, which every year cares for over 2,500 people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. LOROS provide free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill adult patients, their family and carers. LOROS works collaboratively with other local health and social care providers to benefit patient care and works closely with those responsible for commissioning health care across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

    It costs LOROS £8.2 million each year to be able to deliver its services, and whilst the NHS does provide some funding, LOROS need to raise at least £6 million each year from the local community.

    LOROS hold numerous fundraising activities and we regularly participate in these events.

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  • Rainbows Children’s Hospice

    Rainbows is the East Midlands’ only hospice for children and young people and provides vital care and support to families impacted by life-limiting conditions.

    The hospice provides end of life care, symptom management, short breaks and respite care and is also there to support parents and siblings through their bereavements. Their aim is to bring more love, smiles and laughter to children, young people and families and whilst Rainbows receives 15% of its funding from government, it relies on donations to fund this care.

    Rainbows hold numerous fundraising activities and we regularly participate in these events.

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  • Total raised in 2023 so far

    The total amount raised by October 2023.

    Thank you everyone for your support so far. 

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