Letting of 287-Acre Farm for Organic Conversion

Estate Background

The Paget Estate is a 2,500-acre rural estate situated on the Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire boarder.  It comprises 12 farms - 6 are organic and 6 conventional as well as 48 cottages and 8 commercial office units. 

The Paget Estate is owned by Joanna Herbert-Stepney who is a strong advocate of organic farming and a long-standing supporter of the Soil Association.  Mather Jamie in its role as managing agent, assist the landowner in achieving her objectives of securing the longevity of the estate by reinvesting in the properties and people who live and work there, whilst also caring for the environment and creating somewhere people can come and enjoy the beauty and peace of the countryside. 

Our Services

Mather Jamie have acted at management agents for the Paget Estate for over 35 years providing a tailored management service providing rural, residential and commercial property advice as well as all aspects of property repairs, maintenance, landlord and tenant matters, project management, re-lettings and in-house accounting services.

The Project

As part of their estate management services, Mather Jamie acted on behalf of the landowner in relation to end of tenancy matters with the outgoing agricultural tenant and oversaw the entire re-letting process for the holding including: 

  • Preparing lettings particulars and marketing adverts in online media and publications.
  • Organising and holding open day for viewings.
  • Preparing an application process based on landowner requirements.
  • Holding interviews for shortlisted applicants.
  • Providing guidance & advice to the landowner during the selection process.
  • Negotiating tenancy terms with successful applicant.
  • Preparing farm business tenancy documents and liaising with legal representatives for Landlord and Tenant.
  • Overseeing the transition from outgoing to incoming tenant.

Continued Services

Mather Jamie continue to oversee the management of the farm for the Paget Estate, dealing with rent collection, tenancy matters and repairs and maintenance on behalf of the client.  

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